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Vampire Addicts Anonymous

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Are you one of those people who feels the need to hide your copy of Interview with the Vampire behind a Sports Illustrated magazine while in public? Have you ever forced yourself to look at the floor while walking past the Halloween store window display of capes and fangs in the mall? Do you loudly criticize the shoddy plots and weak characterization of vampire movies that you and your friends see, even though you secretly want to fill your Netflix queue with them and watch them all night long with popcorn and fake blood? Then this is the community for you!

We at Vampire Addicts Anonymous aren't the kind of vampire fans who dress in all black, wear pale makeup, and avoid sunlight. This is a community for people who like reading/watching vampire books/movies, but who don't want to think of themselves as hard-core Gothic vampire fanatics. Indeed, this community is designed for people who are a little embarassed about their vampire obsession. Feel free to post about vampire books, movies, short stories or stage productions here without fear of things getting too creepy. Don't worry: at the VAA, we like vampires, but we make sure to get our proper dose of sunshine, too.

The reason that this community is called "Vampire Addicts Anonymous" stems from a running joke that I (y_fish, community maintainer) have had with my friends for a while now. I've never been as openly/seriously vampire-fied as many of them are, and people started joking that I was in a twelve-step rehab program to cure me of my obsession with vampires. I started calling it "the VAA"- Vampire Addicts Anonymous. Needless to say, the "program" never worked, but it continues to be a good laugh. This community is set up sort of like a rehab program in jest, referencing this joke.

Rule-ish Policy Things:

This is not a community for people pretending to be vampires, wanting to become vampires, or wanting to meet vampires. There are many other communities on LJ for just this sort of thing; this one is for humans who are happy with being human.

Please don't flame, nobody likes it. You're perfectly allowed to disagree with someone else's opinon, but it should be worded more like "I think that Anne Rice's style of writing is too overwraught and weighs down her plots" rather than "ANNE RICE SUX AND SO DO YOU!!!"

Please, for the love of Pete, use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling in posts.